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How does it work?

Idea & Concept

Flashcards appear in a specific time period on your screen while you are getting on with your daily business on the computer: working, surfing on the web, or browsing your social media platforms.

Storing a memory in multiple representational modes — such as words, images and sounds —provides more retrieval cues to bring it back to mind.

-A. Paivio (1991), professor of psychology-

New efficient Learning Method

Visual Representation by an Image

Every vocabulary has a matching picture. In that way a powerful neural connection between word and image is established. With this simple trick the information is pushed into your brain.

Pronunciation by a Native Speaker

Train your acoustic perception right from scratch. Every word is voiced by a native speaker. This helps you to retrieve information from your memory more efficient.

Semantic Encoding over example sentences

Your memory will save the vocabulary more efficient by reading an example sentence. With this smart and easy way you can memorize every vocabulary.

Subconscious Acquisition

Through the subconscious recognition of the flashcard you automatically absorb the information into your memory. This technique will improve the recall ability of your brain.

No more handwritten vocabulary sheets. We provide vocabulary lists for 7 languages:

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Customer Feedback

I love it! Everyone should try it out! I can memorize vocabularies faster than before <3
Anna L.
Learning vocabulary became so easy with Learnee! Learnee is helping me to learn faster Spanish.
Lukas R.
The installation was easy. I tested it for weeks and it is working!
The-Loc N.


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